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Streamlining Patient Check-in for Urology Practices

Learn how the ModMed platform helps patients fill out pre appointment paperwork from their smartphones, saving time and reducing front office bottlenecks.

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Here is a full transcript of the video: 

Automation is at the core of a modern practice experience and can jump-start efficiency before an appointment even begins. ModMed® phone and iPad applications can help reduce paperwork and manual labor for your staff.

With our APPatient™ app and ModMed Kiosk, patients can complete the entire check-in process, including any necessary updates to demographics, electronically signing paperwork, adding their preferred pharmacy information, and paying copays and balances, from the comfort of their homes or while in your lobby. These patient engagement tools help provide an extra layer of efficiency for both patients and staff alike. Our all-in-one platform populates this data into EMA®, making reconciliation of updates quick and seamless and helping to reduce errors that come with tedious data entry.