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Challenge what you know

When you’re working at a busy ophthalmology practice, there’s always pressure to do more with less. And, with everything going on, the thought of switching software probably feels overwhelming.

However, have you ever considered what could happen if you don’t?

ModMed® Ophthalmology software

You could continue to:

  • …frustrate patients and staff with practice inefficiencies
  • …be aggravated by poor product support
  • …suffer from downtime due to poorly managed or vulnerable software
  • …endure disruptions from updates that add little value
  • …add staff and other applications to fill gaps in your core software

Sound familiar? Now is a great time to switch to ModMed® Ophthalmology.

Flipping the Switch to ModMed

Change is hard, but we make it easier. Here’s how:

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Data Conversion

We’ve migrated data successfully for thousands of clients over the years.

Training  & Support icon

Training & Support

Our approach to role-based training gets your team up to speed quickly.

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Change Management

We leverage learnings to create tools and plans that help ease your transition.

“The smoothest and quickest [EHR] transition I’ve made.”
Neha Kharod, MD<br />
Pooler, GA<br />
Kasey Gantz, Administrator & COO

Alliance Vision Institute & Precision Ambulatory Surgery Center

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