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U.S. Urology Partners: Successfully Switching to ModMed® Urology and Gaining a Trusted Partner

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Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one urology software
  • Improve provider documentation and coding
  • Gain data transparency

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Improved data transparency
  • Gained a partnership with ModMed
  • Eliminated paper at check-in
  • Received top-notch support

Learn how one urology group successfully implemented an all-in-one urology-specific platform and found a partnership with ModMed

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“With ModMed, the experience with the sales team, all the way through implementation and beyond made us feel like this is a true partnership. From a user experience standpoint, the system is extremely easy to learn. We’re focused on providing the best care that we can for our patients and ModMed Urology helps us do that.”



U.S. Urology Partners is a private equity-backed group formed to allow urologists to more effectively focus their attention on practicing medicine and decrease the distraction of running a business or worrying about operations and capital. The group serves as a place for practitioners who want to fulfill their mission to provide quality care without joining a hospital. They currently have practices in Ohio, Indiana, New York and Florida.

The group used a solution that they felt seemed piecemealed together and included non-native interoperability. They had challenges with both the patient and provider experience, along with support. Also, the group found it difficult to train new staff.

U.S. Urology Partners decided to make a change and requested a proposal from ten different vendors, ultimately selecting ModMed® Urology. Matt Snider, CIO, shares why the all-in-one urology-specific platform stood out among the rest and how the relationship with ModMed has flourished.

urology-specific EHR


When we looked at various platforms, part of the criteria was finding a system that had urology-specific content built-in and available to us from day one. We knew that was going to make for a much simpler transition, which is one of the reasons we chose ModMed.

From a user experience standpoint, we found that the interface was more modern and intuitive than the other platforms we evaluated. Our providers spent a massive amount of time documenting and we needed a system that would help us get ahead of attrition and burnout. Also, it was really important for us to find an all-in-one solution versus piecemealing together a solution. All of these factors were part of our grading scale.

I feel that the EMR and the Practice Management platform are the engine that makes a practice run. So it was very important to us that whomever we selected was going to be a partnership. We weren’t interested in just vendor-and-customer types of relationships on a commodity scale. With ModMed, the experience with the sales team, all the way through implementation and beyond, made us feel like this is a true partnership. We have a voice that is heard and the relationship is a two-way street.


During our training and implementation of ModMed Urology, we had a dedicated project manager to guide us through the process. We felt really prepared to go live. The training, workflow processes, and the walkthroughs we conducted were instrumental in making us successful.

When it came time for go-live, we had members of the ModMed team onsite, which was a huge value add for us. We initially reduced our schedule and were back to full patient volume in just four weeks, which was our goal. Having that onsite support made for a smooth and successful experience, and it nourished that feeling of partnership. One team, working together for the same outcome.

We hit a few bumps in the road, which is normal, but the support we received from ModMed was top-notch. The team was enthusiastic and they were 100% there to support us. Not one time did we feel like we were going to be just another number in the pool.


We found that the system is extremely easy to learn. That was one of the areas that we weighed the most when we looked at different platforms—how intuitive and user-friendly the software is from a provider, staff, and patient standpoint. ModMed was head and shoulders above the rest.

With EMA, it’s quite obvious that it was built for urology with usability in mind. ModMed has a user experience team and it definitely shows. It just makes sense. When you click through the exam, EMA flows through your workflow presenting relevant patient information along the way. Overall our provider’s experience with EMA has been very positive.

In my role as the CIO, data transparency is highly important to running the business. Previously, I didn’t have the access that I needed to easily track our performance. With ModMed, data analytics is built into the system. We also utilize the Data Delivery for Enterprise service, which provides us with an unencumbered view of all of our data on a daily basis. We can slice and dice and analyze the information. Whether that’s through advanced genomics testing, tied with the data analytics on familial history, or helping get patients back for a follow-up visit to continue on their healthcare journey.

We use ModMed Kiosk for our patient intake process, which eliminates the need to use paper. Previously the check-in process required a lot of paper that our team would scan into the chart or manually enter. The use of ModMed Kiosk has helped our data quality and the time that it takes to check in our patients. We’re focused on providing the best care that we can for our patients and ModMed Urology helps us do that.

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The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Matt Snider and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables.