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Avant Concierge Urology: Increasing Patient Volume and Collections With the Help of ModMed® Urology

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Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement intuitive urology-specific software
  • Speed up documentation and increase productivity
  • Improve efficiency and billing accuracy

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Doubled patient throughput
  • Improved collections by over 20% 
  • Increased practice productivity
  • Enabled a healthy work-life balance

Learn how one urology practice became more efficient and increased productivity by switching to ModMed

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“Before, we saw around 15 to 20 encounters total in a day. Because ModMed allows for tremendous efficiency, we’ve been able to double, and sometimes triple, patient throughput, which results in higher revenue. And I’m able to get home earlier to spend time with my family.”



Avant Concierge Urology, founded by Dr. Sijo Parekattil, is Central Florida’s premier urology practice, specializing in the treatment of conditions related to the kidneys, urinary bladder, adrenal glands, urethra and male reproductive organs. At Avant, their dedicated medical professionals encourage human-to-human interactions and are committed to ensuring the highest patient satisfaction.

Dr. Parekattil used several different EHRs in the past that slowed him down and hindered efficiency. He wanted a solution that would speed up documentation and streamline workflows. Dr. Parekattil implemented ModMed Urology in 2021 and went from using three different systems to one unified, urology-specific solution. He shares how the switch to ModMed has made his practice more efficient, improved billing, and increased patient volume and revenue.

urology-specific EHR


What attracted me initially to ModMed Urology was how intuitive the system is. EMA® learns my common diagnoses and preferences, and generates billing codes based on my documentation. It has built-in counseling instructions and prescriptions, so everything’s tied in automatically. I haven’t seen an EHR that is so beautifully integrated. It’s like having a smart assistant generate the note for me.

I have set up Protocols for routine visits for one-click note population, and I can add additional details if needed. My notes are complete by the time I’m done seeing patients and a copy of my notes is sent to the referring providers.

Before, we saw around 15 to 20 encounters total in a day. Because ModMed allows for tremendous efficiency, we’ve been able to double, and sometimes triple, patient throughput, which results in higher revenue. For example, we do procedures in the office and have done 18 procedures and completed 18 patient visits on the same day starting by 9 AM and ending by 4 PM. I’m now able to get home earlier, which is super important because I have little kids. Utilizing ModMed has helped me achieve a healthy work-life balance and improved my quality of life.


When I started the practice, we utilized a third-party billing company. The poor quality of my notes resulted in time wasted going back and forth on claims. Our collection rate was in the 70% range. In solo practice, we fight for every dollar so the documentation has to be accurate and thorough. With ModMed, we’ve been able to bring the billing in-house and now our collection rate is in the upper 90% range.

My wife, who is the practice manager, handles the billing. She doesn’t have much billing experience, but the PM system is extremely user-friendly. She’s able to submit the bills the same day, therefore we’ve seen a much quicker turnaround time for payments. If we do get a denial, she can instantaneously see where it came from and figure out what went wrong, so it can be avoided in the future. That’s priceless, and we’re saving money by not needing a separate FTE to handle billing.

We also have ModMed Pay, which is a payment system component that integrates with the PM platform and allows us to take credit cards directly, so we’re not dealing with multiple systems. Without ModMed, I believe it would have been very difficult for us to achieve financial stability so quickly. We’re a relatively newer practice and collections are in the two-million dollar range. That’s amazing for a solo practitioner.


There are a lot of effective tools that ModMed offers for our patients. They can access their charts, lab results, appointments, bills, etc. via the Patient Portal. They receive Appointment Reminders through automated texts, emails and phone calls, which decreases no-shows and saves my staff time. I also love the pharmacy import feature where I can import the patient’s medications directly from the pharmacies that have been prescribed. This is helpful for new patients, and even existing patients who can’t remember their prescriptions. Having ModMed Urology really takes us to the next level.

Any EHR change can be a scary proposition, but I found that transitioning to ModMed was fairly easy and a necessary ingredient for my practice. The benefits obtained from it have been a huge weight off of my back. There are few things that actually make your life easier and ModMed is definitely one of those things.

The program is not inexpensive, but I feel like in life, you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the success and the growth that I have as quickly without ModMed. If you’re considering a switch, overcome that hesitation because it’ll absolutely be worth it.

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The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Dr. Sijo Parekattil and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables. Dr. Parekattil was compensated for his time on this case study.