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The All-In-One ENT Software that Helps Speed Documentation

Dr. Veling Tsai of Caring ENT describes how Modernizing Medicine’s all-in-one software helps streamline ENT workflows. 

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Veling Tsai. I’m an otolaryngologist in Los Angeles, California. As a physician, I needed an EMR that made my life easier, made the workflow faster. With EMA®, the workflow improves because you figure out the diagnosis first. You provide your assessment. You provide your diagnosis. Once that’s set, you click on what is the pertinent findings, what that said, if it’s normal, it auto populates. It saves a lot more time that way.

Dr. Lehman, who’s one of the designers of Modernizing Medicine, he himself is an otolaryngologist. So he knows what we are going through. And so I thank him for providing those sort of short cut features. With Modernizing Medicine, I could pretty much leave the office with all the notes done, after the last patient, usually I have some phone calls to return, so at 5:00, after my last patient is seen, I could feasibly leave the office by 5:30 with no homework. EMA has saved at least a couple of hours of my daily routine from seeing patients.