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ENT Associates of East Texas Increases Patient Volume and Improves Operational Efficiency With the Help of ModMed® Otolaryngology


Case Study

The Goals

  • Implement an easy-to-use ENT EHR software system
  • Stop spending hours charting at night
  • Streamline workflow and operations
  • Submit for MIPS reporting

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Saved 4-8 hours of charting a week
  • Increased patient volume by 30 patients per day
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Scored high on the MIPS performance scale

Practice Administrator shares the practice’s success with the all-in-one ENT software system


“Prior to EMA, our providers spent an extra 4-8 hours a week charting at night. With EMA and PM, our patient volume increased by around 30 patients a day and our providers no longer spend hours completing their notes. EMA and PM helped us pave the way to a more efficient and successful practice.”



The board-certified physicians at Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of East Texas, evaluate and treat adult and pediatric illnesses of the head and neck. They offer the full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment services with on-site CT scans, hearing and balance tests, hearing aids, allergy tests with immunotherapy treatment and procedures. Practice Administrator Carren Whitt shares the benefits the practice experienced after switching to the award-winning otolaryngology EHR* and Practice Management (PM) systems by Modernizing Medicine®.

Love at First Sight

Prior to EMA®, we used an electronic health records (EHR) system that was time consuming and not user friendly. Our workflow was not efficient and the providers spent hours charting at night. They had to dictate, wait for transcription, then review and finalize the note before the visit could be billed. This laborious process negatively impacted our operations.

When we discovered EMA at the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation meeting, we immediately liked the intuitive interface and touch-based functionality that the ENT EHR software presented. The system was user friendly, easy to navigate and affordable. All of our eight providers use EMA and consider it much easier and faster to use than our previous solution.

Time is Money

Following our successful EMA EHR implementation, we adopted Practice Management and continue to experience the benefits of the all-in-one system. Using disjointed platforms can result in mistakes that trickle down to the entire staff. Now, we are more efficient and the communication between the front and back office is streamlined. As we got faster and more experienced with EMA and PM, our patient volume increased simultaneously. Currently, we see around 30 more patients per day than we did with our previous system. EMA and PM helped us pave the way to a more efficient and successful practice.

Prior to EMA, our providers spent an extra 4-8 hours a week charting at night. They now have that personal time back that can be used to spend with their families.

One of our physicians Dr. Howard Garb said, “After using EMA, I was able to leave the office on time, with all documentation completed. I have not stayed after hours or had unfinished charts since implementing EMA.”

That is a true testament to how easy to use the system really is. Also, because our providers see higher volume, finalize their notes in between patients and claims are picked up more frequently, our collections have increased by 15 percent.

Let the ENT System Work for You

The all-in-one ENT software system has built-in ENT ICD-10 codes for system generated suggested coding and robust reporting capabilities. Our previous PM system was outdated and the reporting features weren’t trustworthy. We experienced a lot of challenges trying to export the data, which we needed to forecast future events. With Modernizing Medicine’s PM system, I quickly discovered that it works for me, instead of my having to manipulate it. For example, I can easily run near real-time reports on payments received, unallocated funds, appointments categorized by new patients, production summaries, our payer mix and so much more.

Submitting for MIPS** was a breeze because the system and Modernizing Medicine’s Advisory Services helped walk us through the process. I met with our advisor monthly who explained what the physicians could do better in terms of documentation. Last year we submitted for the first time and almost everyone had a score in the 90s.

Growing Together

I’ve always experienced good interactions with the team at Modernizing Medicine and they are easily reachable. They listen to our feedback, and the system continues to evolve as the industry changes. We appreciate their team’s open mindedness to help the system grow with our practice.

Carren Whitt, MBA

Carren Whitt, MBA

Practice Administrator