Everyone loves a sunset,unless it’s your software

Now may be the perfect time to re-evaluate your current software vendor and consider making the switch to our all-in-one gGastro® suite

Is your current vendor ‘sunsetting’ its ASC software?

You may have heard that certain vendors are in the process of “sunsetting” their ASC software and requiring their clients to endure forced upgrades and steep price hikes to continue receiving their services. Undergoing such a drastic change (and not by choice) can be inconvenient, time-consuming and costly for your ASC.

Since making a change may be inevitable, why not use this as a window of opportunity — a chance to evaluate other ASC software on the market and decide if it’s time to switch to one that better suits your needs and the needs of your ASC? We can help! Meet the gGastro® suite.

gGastro software suite

gGastro software suite is all in one

With the gGastro software suite, you can have your EHR, ERW, PM, Patient Engagement tools and more, all integrated into one system.

concurrent charting

gGastro ERW allows concurrent charting

Multiple team members can access and make changes to a single patient record simultaneously, helping to save time and reduce errors.

billing info

gGastro ERW does your paperwork for you

Once a procedure note is processed, gGastro generates and distributes discharge and referral letters, prescriptions and billing info automatically.

gastro erw

gGastro ERW can help you save time

Imagine yourself documenting a routine procedure note in minutes. gGastro ERW has helped thousands of gastroenterologists do exactly that.

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Thinking about switching ERW vendors but not sure where to start?

To help guide you, we’ve collected some of the top questions to ask a prospective ERW vendor. These eight considerations can help you evaluate whether your current ERW vendor is meeting the needs of your ASC or whether it’s about time to make a switch.

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