Everyone loves a sunset,unless it’s your software

If your EHR vendor is sunsetting its software, now may be the perfect time to re-evaluate your current vendor and consider switching to ModMed.

Is your current EHR software sunsetting?

Change can be difficult. And it will likely require a few adjustments for you, your staff and your practice. Although it may seem less than ideal, this could also be an opportunity.

Since a change is inevitable, why not take this time to re-evaluate your current system, explore your options, compare your EHR software with others, and find a solution that better suits your needs and the needs of your practice.

That’s where we come in. Meet ModMed®.

software suite

ModMed is an all-in-one software suite

With ModMed, you can have your EHR, PM, Patient Engagement tools, Analytics and more, all synced together in one system.

specialty specific

ModMed is specialty specific

Our EHR comes with built-in, specialty-specific content, diagnoses, treatments and more, offering providers information they need, when they need it.

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ModMed is modern and mobile

No longer confined to your computer, you can now use your iPad to document in real time, while interacting with patients face to face.

doctor at work and family

A System Designed to Help You Get Home on Time

The all-in-one ModMed software suite, featuring EMA®, our award-winning* specialty-specific EHR, was created for physicians, by physicians, to help you run your practice more efficiently, rediscover the joy of patient care and find better balance in your professional and personal life.

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Switching from your software and not sure where to start?

So your EHR software is sunsetting, and change is inevitable. What now? We’ve put together a list of “5 Things to Do When Your EHR is Sunsetting” to serve as a roadmap and guide to help you decide on next steps.

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