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Ophthalmology Webinar: Managing Patient Flow and Your Ophth Practice During Covid-19

Michael Rivers, MD, Krisanne Fieldhouse and Celine Kaiser

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Michael Rivers, MD, Krisanne Fieldhouse and Celine Kaiser

During this pandemic, healthcare innovation leaders have rapidly scaled, deployed solutions and changed workflows that help patients and providers during this unprecedented time. With offices opening and patients looking for in-person care, how are you handling the flow of patients into and through your practice while managing your business operations effectively?

In this discussion, we will be showing tools that ophthalmology practices are using to engage and communicate with their patients in new ways.

We will cover:

  • Workflows designed to help practice efficiency
  • Strategies on how to handle patient flow in your office
  • Patient engagement tools and business operations services for this new environment
  • How an all-in-one, telehealth-enabled EHR and practice management solution can help your practice

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