Think You’ve Heard It All Before?

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You’re Probably Right.

This is the real deal. A limited-time offer. So, be sure to act now!

We are pleased to introduce PRS Network members to ModMed® Urology, the #1 EHR and PM suite of urology solutions*.

Built for practicing urologists, we’re proud to offer solutions at a Special Introductory Rate available to PRS Network members along with a free bonus guide to help you determine what’s right for you.

If yours is like most urology practices, you probably thought you were getting a good deal when you switched EHRs, only to face new challenges. That’s why we’re offering ModMed Urology at a special introductory price, to help PRS Network members and the broader urology community obtain an authentic solution, rather than just another problem.

PRS Network members can take advantage of introductory pricing - start now

Complete the form to get promotional details, and don’t forget to listen to PRS Network for more info on ModMed Urology.

Ready to learn how to spot the real deal?

The ModMed Urology suite, which includes solutions for your desktop, mobile phone and Apple Watch.

*2022 Black Book™

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