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4 Common Interface Issues With Ambulatory Surgery Center Software

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Healthcare is constantly evolving. So should your ASC software.

Ever feel like your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) software systems aren’t quite connected? Are you and your staff managing manual workarounds because an “integration” is not what you thought? You aren’t alone. However, there is some good news: most issues you have with your current system could be opportunities for growth, IF you’re willing to make a change. Let’s explore some of the most common issues we’ve encountered from years of serving gastroenterology ASCs, and ways to address them.

Issue #1: Managing multiple systems and vendors

What is it like working with multiple vendors? At first, it feels like you have a completely custom-made system. But then you have to keep track of an extra handful of logins, invoices and workflows, not to mention multiple numbers to call for customer service and zero accountability. It may seem less expensive to pick and choose the various aspects of your software instead of going with a single integrated solution — until you start receiving bills for data storage, additional users, integrations and other extras that weren’t included in your contracts.

Solution: gGastro® is one solution with a single login — a solid foundation for the clinical, operational and financial aspects of your ASC. Need support? There’s one number to call for software and service.

Issue #2: Working with multiple “band-aid integrations”

Does your endowriter play well with your practice management system and other software? Certainly systems can be connected and multiple logins are possible, but if you’re still scanning documents or copying information from a “queue” folder to another system, your connected systems may not be as connected as you thought they were. An all-in-one solution can help streamline operations, save time and adapt to your specific workflow.

Solution: The gGastro suite is a customizable, single, integrated solution that includes your endowriter, practice management system, patient engagement tools, RCM services and analytics — even an EHR for your practice. Relevant information seamlessly transfers from one system to another, helping you document and complete tasks quicker, while improving staff communication.

Modernizing Medicine ophthalmology EHR system

Issue #3: My ASC software is not GI-specific

What would make your software easier to use? Less typing and clicking? Intuitive documentation and patient recalls? Built-in GI-specific content and workflows? Integrated nurse’s notes and anesthesia notes? According to a 2017 survey of practicing physicians, 70% of EHR users reported healthcare IT (HIT)-related stress1 — and this was prior to the pandemic. Software that’s easier to use is easier on you and your staff.

Solution: Imagine working with software that helps you document procedures quickly and keep track of patients who are due for procedures and follow-ups. A system that understands your ASC workflow so well, using it feels like second nature.

Issue #4: I’m spending all of my time and money on IT resources

IT is essential for all healthcare-related businesses, especially in the digital age. However, if your system is operating in an on-premise environment, you may be spending more than you like on regular system updates, backups and planned downtime. These environments can also make it difficult to scale your business or allow your staff to work from home. Downtime may lead to inefficiency, increased waiting times, possible disruptions in care delivery and manual administrative processes that could lead to an increase in human error.

Solution: With cloud-based software like gGastro®, it’s easier to scale your business, updates are automatic, and your data syncs across devices and locations. There’s also less hardware to buy, set up and manage.

How ModMed® can help

Cloud software that’s GI-specific, integrated throughout practice administration and clinical functions, and uses a single login can help solve many of the most common IT problems that ASCs experience. ModMed offers an all-in-one solution to help gastroenterology ASCs save time and streamline processes.

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