Get your life back with the #1 plastic surgery EHR*

Built by practicing plastic surgeons who understand your specialty, our cloud-based electronic health records system, EMA®, is designed to help you save precious time and reclaim your evenings and weekends.

When we say our EHR software is plastic-surgery specific, we mean it

What’s the best plastic-surgery-specific software for your practice? EMA comes right out of the box — technically, out of the cloud — with plastics imagery and data built in and ready to assist.


Type less and save your valuable time for patients

Document quickly on a tablet, while you and your patient are still in the room, and save electronic consent forms directly to patients’ charts.


Designed for plastic surgery means working smarter

Get integrated photos and a drawing tool, plus built-in workflows, suggested notes and codes, and improved communications across the practice.


Analyze this — clinical and financial data together

Integrated with the EHR, analytics tools utilize structured data, not just text, to help you spot trends from monitoring outcomes to analyzing revenue.

Modmed Plastic Surgery

It’s about time for your software checkup

Electronic medical records used to require an expensive server in your office. But today, the #1 plastic surgery EHR system*, EMA, is cloud based — no server. Plus, your schedules, charts and messages go where you go. Access them via browser, iPad, smartphone or Apple Watch. Ready for your software checkup?

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Read how this practice benefits with ModMed® Plastic Surgery

In this case study, learn why Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery switched to ModMed Plastic Surgery, a specialty-specific solution with electronic health records at its core. The practice wanted to implement an all-in-one system that was collaborative, easy to learn and intuitive. It also sought to improve payment processing.

Plastic Surgery PDFs

* 2022 Black Book™

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