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Customer Delight and All-In-One ENT Software

Boulder Valley ENT Experiences Customer Delight and Switches to All-In-One ENT Software. 

My name is Jessica Lovato and I’m with Boulder Valley ENT. In the initial portions of our sales discussions with Rob Stretch and his team, Rob did such a great job with just responding   promptly to our questions. His team actually came on site and did a visit at the clinic, and they went and sat with the different department heads and were able to sit side by side with them and show  them some different tools that ModMed would be able to provide to make the workflows a little bit more optimized and streamlined. So we were super excited and felt very supported to have them here.

We provided some of the financials that we could as far as number of patients, claims, some of the A/R. And he was able to very quickly identify the return on investment in the savings that we would eventually be able to have because of it. We are actually using multiple systems, so with us being all on one system with ModMed, all of our different departments, that’s really going to be a huge savings for us.

I know that switching to a new EHR system can really be a little scary, but I will say that we’ve had a lot of support. The team has been fantastic and providing a lot of hand-holding in setting up the system, and we’ve had a lot of good direction and communication from our project coordinator, and it’s been actually a lot easier and not as stressful as what I anticipated. I’m very pleased with the amount of support that we’ve received from the ModMed team.