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Customized Patient Self-Scheduling

Practice Manager Danielle Orren talks about the ease of Patient Self-Scheduling and the options it provides for each practice.

Here is a full transcript of the video: 

We love Patient Self-Scheduling. I know a lot of practices are busy, a lot of phone calls coming in. We have a call center that takes all of our calls for all of our eight locations. So those folks are really busy. So when we implemented self-scheduling, we really weren't sure what that was going to look like or if it would be utilized. We're in a smaller area of Virginia, so we were pleasantly surprised with the tech savviness of our clients. So they use that option. It's really popular with our patients. A lot of our new patients, they schedule themselves online, and if there's an issue, it's a simple fix of just reaching out to that patient. But what it does is really reduces the calls that are coming into our call center.

So, limitations on cell scheduling are completely up to the practice. With us having such a broad spectrum of procedures that we offer, we're able to select what procedures are to be scheduled for self-scheduling appointments. So we do offer new patient appointments, we offer cosmetic consults. For each provider, we can specify what type of appointments are scheduled, how long those appointments are scheduled. It's very customizable, which for a large practice is essential.