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Supporting Your Journey

Practice Manager Danielle Orren describes how ModMed supports practices to help overcome challenges.

Here is a full transcript of the video:

The overall support is really what I rely on. So every day, I have around eighty to one hundred staff members. I have eight providers, eight locations. So questions come up every day. Sometimes from experience I can answer those, but when I don't, it's so nice to have ModMed Communities. ModMed U, other practices in the area that I have made connections with, but also the ModMed support team. 

I came on our practice about four years ago. I started attending MOMENTUM, and I learned a lot. My first conference was really overwhelming, I had just taken over the practice as Practice Manager. I had not done dermatology and wasn't really involved in a lot of the higher-level management. And so I'll never forget, I was in my first class and someone said, Oh, it's MIPS. And I said, What's MIPS? And everyone kind of laughed and they're like, Oh! So I was very overwhelmed and someone said, Hey, you should talk to a MIPS counselor. And so that was kind of my first insight to the one-on-one support that you get with Modmed. So I talked to her. She actually not only avoided us having a penalty that year, but we actually got an increase. So yes, it was very stressful, but I feel like we have a partner there, and we have had a MIPS counselor ever since. So I really enjoy the resources for me as a Practice Manager if I don't know the answer to something or If there's a resource that I need, I can always reach out for that. 

So a lot of support, and that's really important when you are running such a large practice and you have so many other things on your priority list, to have the support level to get you through that.