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An All-In-One Dermatology Solution That Works for You

Dermatology Practice Manager Danielle Orren shares her experience using the integrated ModMed platform to manage the practice effectively as it grew

Here is a full transcript of the video: 

My name is Danielle Orren. I'm the Practice Manager for Shenandoah Dermatology. We're located out of Staunton, Virginia. ModMed is an all-in-one system. Having everything integrated makes my job as a Practice Manager easy. It makes the job of the physicians and the clinical staff and the front desk staff much easier because the whole system works for you. You're not having to take extra steps. I think that's the biggest key, is that it's reducing your workload throughout the day also gives you a better overall picture of how your clinic is going to run daily, what your numbers are looking like, your patient loads, your scheduling. It's all right there for you, and it really helps the practice communicate on a daily basis.

 So we started as a very small practice with one provider, four staff. That is easy to manage. As we grew, we learned that there are a lot of things that we were not the most efficient on. And so, I feel like ModMed offers so many options to streamline our workflow, reduce the amount of steps that we take. I worked with a lot of different EHR systems. It's easy to learn, very user friendly and caters to your specialty. So staff have an easier time adjusting to that as well as providers that come into the practice.