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Adopting A Digital System

Chief Technology Officer, Greg Traquair explains ModMed implementation and outcomes experienced.

Here is a full transcript of the video:

My name is Greg Traquair, Chief Technology Officer for Optima Dermatology. 

We have within our portfolio clinics that have been operating for decades now that we’re transitioning to ModMed from paper charts and very antiquated systems. And so for some of those, it was a big transition in terms of sort of learning how to operate a digital world, using cloud systems and iPads and so forth. And then for a lot of our newer practices, it was, you know, very familiar. 

Now that we are a couple of years into our implementation, I'd say even for the practices that were more change resistant, you know, they're now starting to see the light in terms of, you know, oh, wow, as much as I was really comfortable with using, those paper documents because I've been using them for so long, now we're able to see more patients. We're able to speed up the entire lifecycle. We're able to create better experiences or more efficiency for our patients.