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A Better Patient Experience

Listen as Practice Administrator Kallie Burgardt, of Salina Ortho, describes how her doctors finish their notes and orders quicker with built-in protocols.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

So from a patient standpoint, of course, the reason we're all here in medicine is for the patient. ModMed® has been instrumental in that as well. We are able to actually take our iPads into the room, pull up an X-ray or an MRI and show that patient right there in the room. And the patients actually love to hear that and see that they know what's going directly into their medical record.

The other piece is the provider can actually have a conversation with the patient face to face and not have their back turned to them looking at a laptop or a screen, for instance. So that is nice as well, allowing the provider to have more hands on and a closer experience with the patient.

The other piece is the tasking in ModMed. That has allowed my staff to have full communication and really follow the patient through. For instance, if the patient doesn't get an MRI, it can go to my auth team, it can go to my scheduling team, it can go to my nurses, and everybody can see the flow of the entire patient.

The other piece that's been great for our patients, and we've had really positive comments back is, the Patient Portal. Patients love their information. Patients want to have it. They no longer have to come in and say, can I have my medical record or I need to get a request for this. They have it at their fingertips almost when they walk out the door.