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A Customizable EHR to Meet Your Needs

Listen as Practice Administrator Kallie Burgardt, of Salina Ortho, tells how Klara enables more texting and less phoning for a smoother office workflow.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

On the clinical side, my doctors finish their notes quicker, they are happier, and their volume returned back to 100% after the third week. So I think ModMed® can take credit for an amazing platform, especially on the clinical side, and allowing you to really adapt the product and use it like it's supposed to be used. You gain all the efficiencies that you should, and you can have high productivity still.

I would say that some of the top features in EMA that my clinical staff really like is the Protocols. Specifically, our orders are orders for an X-ray, an order for an MRI. If a provider needs to give a patient an injection, they pull in a Protocol for that as well. So that piece has been really great and efficient.

We have been able to integrate ModMed into our physical therapy department. We utilize their Protocols, and prior to ModMed, we were a 100% paper with our daily soap notes, our patient evals, our flow sheets. Everything was paper, and now it's 100% electronic. And my bills go out the next day. It is wonderful.