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Features We Love About Our GI-specific EHR

Administrator Barbara Snow, of Arkansas Gastroenterology, shares her faves — auto reminders, images in notes, mobility and two billers handling eight providers.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Barbara Snow. I am the administrator for Arkansas Gastroenterology in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The gReminder is awesome. The patients respond back and we see the little green dot saying that, yes, they're coming to their appointment, which is absolutely marvelous. If there's a red dot, the nurses know to call and check on their patient to see if they need to reschedule the appointment. And of course, the yellow ones, we have our front desk called, see if indeed they are still coming or not. gReminder is wonderful. We love it. 

We love having gPM. Has to be integrated as far as I'm concerned, as far as billing goes. So that's worked out really well, especially our billers. We only have two biller/coders and they seem to get it all done for seven physicians and a nurse practitioner. gMobile, my doctors absolutely adore because they can pull up their schedule on their phone, see how many patients they've got that day, or if a patient has canceled to see when they need to start the night before.

We can also send out our recall letters directly from gMed, which is awesome. So in our practice, the doctor decides when the patient needs to come back for his next colonoscopy, his next EGD, his next office visit. He will send that task to the nurse to put in the recall, which is a section of ModMed, that you can just plug in their office visit in three months. It will populate that field so that in three months time we can go in and run all the letters that we need to run for that particular month.

I don't know if people are aware of this or not, but you can actually take pictures of the colonoscopies, EGDs, as they're going on and it populates the fields on your procedure note, on your colonoscopy, on your EGD. It is beautiful pictures. And then also it goes into detail about what the doctor found, what how many biopsies he's taken, how many polyps he’s removed, all in one note at the time that that procedure is done. There's a lot of extra little things that come with ModMed that we appreciate.