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Modernizing Medicine® receives the honor of a 2020 Tech Cares Award from TrustRadius. Here’s why.

As part of its inaugural program, TrustRadius has recognized Modernizing Medicine with a 2020 Tech Cares Award. This award celebrates companies that have gone above and beyond to provide their communities, clients and front line workers with support during the COVID-19 crisis.

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has turned all our worlds upside down and caused many things to feel out of our control. However, during this critical time, especially in healthcare, Modernizing Medicine stepped up to the plate to help our clients, so they could help their patients, when it was needed most and it continues to do so. By providing telehealth solutions and patient engagement tools, along with educational webinars, we’re helping practices adapt to the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

purple heartHow Modernizing Medicine Cares

Providing solutions and services to healthcare professionals around the country to help them increase practice efficiency and improve patient outcomes has always been at the core of Modernizing Medicine.  This commitment took on a whole new meaning and life of its own during COVID-19. Here’s where the company has played a role:


Expedited Telehealth Rollout

In March 2020, as the effects of COVID-19 were starting to hit the U.S. and medical practices were being forced to close their doors for regular visits, medical professionals, including Modernizing Medicine’s client base of specialty-focused physicians, needed a way to continue to see patients from the safety of their homes, adhere to stay-at-home orders, conserve personal protective equipment and space in emergency rooms, while still providing patient care and business continuity. To help meet these needs, Modernizing Medicine launched two fully integrated audio and video telehealth solutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic–modmed® Telehealth and gTelehealth™–to serve clients who use its specialty-specific electronic medical records systems.

The goal and motivation was to help provide both some business continuity to practices and continuity of care for patients, as many practices had to close their doors. There was a need to quickly deliver the solution to our clients.

Although many generic video platforms (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, etc.) were initially used by physicians due to the immediate need for a telehealth solution, Modernizing Medicine realized the need for integrated telehealth solutions that would serve needs both long- and short-term. Both solutions are integrated into their respective EHR’s workflow.

As an organization, Modernizing Medicine fast-tracked what would typically take 12-16 weeks to complete down to a 4-week timeframe. The rollout took a concerted effort from a cross section across the organization. Roughly 40 dedicated individuals comprising a team of software engineers, UX specialists, mobile and backend architects, and cloud service engineers worked around the clock to build out the platforms needed to bring both solutions to market.

Upcoming and Recorded WebinarsHosting Educational Webinars

Throughout this time, there was a strong focus placed on hosting client-facing webinars and creating how-to guides on using the new telehealth platform. This was and continues to be put into practice in conjunction with an ongoing series of thought leadership webinars to help inform and educate on timely topics, from telehealth to patient engagement and low-touch workflows.

Tools to Transition to a Virtual Practice

Telehealth will certainly have staying power long after COVID-19 pandemic subsides, but the pandemic has also caused other short- and long-term changes in healthcare that require the right technology to help create low-touch and virtual medical practices. The focus on these solutions has become a priority at the organization, based on our clients’ needs. Patient self-scheduling, mobile patient portals, payment options, patient surveys and patient reminders  are just a handful of the tools that can help empower your staff to do more while helping to improve the patient experience and engagement in their healthcare.

What Our Clients Have Shared

Creating client delight is woven into the fabric of Modernizing Medicine as a company. We take great pride in doing right by our clients and when they share words, such as the ones below, it’s a sign of the positive impact we have had on their practices:

  • When the stay-at-home order went into effect, we didn’t know how our practices were going to function. modmed Telehealth has helped alleviate some of the stresses of the decrease in visits. Without the modmed Telehealth option, we most likely would have shut our doors until the stay-at-home ban is lifted. We are very thankful Modernizing Medicine was able to release this solution in a matter of weeks.” – Long Hoang, Business Manager, United Dermatology Associates
  • “Thank you for creating such a helpful virtual telehealth platform so quickly. It is such a great resource to us providers using EMA and will help generate some income during these trying times. I appreciate all the extra services that Modernizing Medicine provides outside just the EHR. I actually plan on using modmed Telehealth for other types of visits even after this COVID-19 pandemic. Being part of the Modernizing Medicine community provides tremendous support on all the issues we encounter in practice. Thank you for working around the clock during this time of crisis.” – Cheryl Aber, MD, Lazarus Dermatology
  • “On behalf of our group, we are really impressed with Modernizing Medicine’s response during this crisis. Rolling out modmed Telehealth along with training, and also providing this functionality at no cost during this COVID-19 pandemic is appreciated. We are very impressed with how quickly this was rolled out!” – Abhay M. Vaidya, MD, West Coast ENT
  • “I have found it very easy to perform telemedicine visits using modmed Telehealth. The resolution and quality of the videos are better than other methods I’ve used, especially for an ophthalmology visit. I’m impressed by how simplistic this total transition of patient care has been.” – Tiffany Kruger, DO, Okaloosa Ophthalmology Pediatric & Adult Eye Care
  • “We have been so pleased with the flexibility Patient Self-Scheduling offers our patients. Having the functionality for our patients to schedule at their convenience, while evaluating their calendars, gives us a huge advantage. Not only have we seen a more manageable call volume, we are scheduling more new patients than ever before!” – Nikki Sindorf, Chief Operating Officer, WellAve

About the Tech Cares Award and Process

It’s important to understand a bit of background on TrustRadius and the awards. To be accepted for the Tech Cares Award, each nominated organization had to be a B2B technology company that demonstrated above-and-beyond caring during the COVID-19 pandemic and all nominations were thoroughly vetted by the TrustRadius research team. For some context, TrustRadius is the fastest growing, most trusted customer voice and insights platform, that helps tech buyers make great decisions and helps technology vendors acquire and retain great customers. Each month, over 1 million B2B technology buyers use verified reviews and ratings on to make informed purchasing decisions.

A Few Words from the TrustRadius Organization

TrustRadius wanted to showcase the way B2B companies from around the country responded and did their best to do right by their industry and their clients.

“We are excited to announce our first-ever Tech Cares Award Winners,” said TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat. “This pandemic isn’t just a test of fortitude. It’s an opportunity to distinguish yourself. We have been completely inspired by the way the B2B technology industry responded to COVID-19. So many companies pivoted with grace, leading to many of them standing out in our minds as major community contributors during this time. Not only do we feel that these companies are deserving of recognition—we also consider their example when deciding how we ourselves can find new ways to give back.”

“Modernizing Medicine has earned a 2020 Tech Cares award, which recognizes technology companies that have gone above and beyond to support their clients and communities in 2020 and during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Megan Headley, Vice President of Research at TrustRadius. “Modernizing Medicine was nominated for this award for delivering a new and free telehealth solution to users, allowing physicians to help reduce the interruption to their services caused by the pandemic and facilitate remote healthcare.”

If you are interested in becoming part of the Modernizing Medicine family and seeing how we can help you make the transition to a virtual practice, contact us today.