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Documenting a Patient Visit with Ease Using our Allergy-Specific EHR, EMA®

Watch a patient visit documented with EMA, the allergy, immunology and asthma specific EHR system from ModMed®. 

EMA, the allergy, immunology and asthma specific EHR system from ModMed® helps you put patients first. It only takes a few taps to chart with our diagnosis-based system. And with an adaptive learning engine that anticipates your preferences and suggests codes, you’ll be flying through your notes in no time.

Our all-in-one allergy, asthma and immunology-specific solution includes an EHR component that anticipates your next move when you’re treating a patient.

EMA creates a suggested note based upon your selected diagnosis, rather than by template. With this system, you can focus on treating your patient instead of the computer.

To start, the general allergist exam is found at the top of the screen. This exam includes findings from previous visits. Once you’ve selected your exam, our system will present your top 25 diagnoses, eliminating the need to search and type in many encounters.

As you select asthma up at the top, notice how the system anticipates your next move by presenting options for suggested code selection. Relevant care plans are displayed on the right-hand side. All of the care plans seen here are available out-of-the-box.

EMA’s adaptive learning engine is diagnosis-specific. Along with built-in medical content, the adaptive learning engine helps decrease the time it takes to document your exam.