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Hummel Foot and Ankle experiences time savings and improved billing by switching to ModMed Podiatry

Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one podiatry software
  • Document faster
  • Improve billing processes

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Completed documentation 2–3 days faster
  • Experienced faster payment turnaround times
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Decreased no-shows by 33%

Learn how one podiatrist experienced a successful switch to ModMed® Podiatry after two previous software systems failed expectations

Headshot of Lindsay Hummel, DPM

EMA is built around real podiatric workflows, and my notes can transfer forward from previous visits, saving me time. With my previous EHR, I was at least two to three days behind on documentation. Now, my notes are done before I even leave the office, and I don’t have to stay after hours finishing charts.

Lindsay Hummel, DPM


Dr. Lindsay Hummel, podiatrist and owner of Hummel Foot and Ankle, serves the residents of south-central Pennsylvania at two office locations. Dr. Hummel is skilled in all aspects of podiatric care, from the plaster molding of custom orthotics, to the most up-to-date technologies, such as the use and application of advanced synthetic skin grafts to heal chronic, hard-to-treat wounds.

When Dr. Hummel opened her practice, she went through two different EHR systems that ultimately didn’t fit her needs. She wanted an all-in-one system that would help with billing and completing notes faster. Dr. Hummel shares what the experience has been like since switching to the ModMod Podiatry suite, including EMA®, the award-winning* podiatry EHR system, as well as Practice Management (PM), Analytics and Patient Engagement tools. 

ModMed Podiatry displayed on browser, iPad, smartphones and Apple Watch


I started receiving advertisements for ModMed and decided to view a few demos of their all-in-one podiatry software. I instantly loved that EMA’s interface looked a lot cleaner and modern. Also, the capability to click on actual pictures, draw on them and save those images into the patient’s chart without going through a million clicks was impressive.

There will always be growing pains. However, the transition from our old system was surprisingly smooth, and the training provided by ModMed was great. We completed our training virtually with great success, and we felt that the system was pretty self-explanatory, so we caught on quickly.

We also appreciate the ongoing support we receive. The ModMed support team answers emails quickly, which is my preferred way of communicating with them. I can send a quick email with my issue, get back to work and I always receive a prompt response.


EMA is built around real podiatric workflows, and my notes can transfer forward from previous visits, saving me time. I can easily modify them, if needed, and the system prompts me to go through the whole note before finalizing, helping me make sure I didn’t miss anything.  

EMA prepopulates coding suggestions based on my documentation, which is so helpful to see what I am billing and if there is something I should change. This helps me stay up-to-date with CMS, and I don’t have to worry about the latest Medicare coding rules because it’s included in EMA.

The system is very straightforward, allowing me to document faster. With my previous EHR, I was at least two to three days behind on documentation. Now, my notes are done before I even leave the office, and I don’t have to stay after hours finishing charts. When I’m conducting at-home visits, I use my iPad. I can gather the intake information and complete the entire note and billing before I leave the patient’s home. The mobility the system provides has made my life so much easier. It’s been a huge improvement.


Having the PM software in addition to EMA has been a total game changer. The scheduling and check-in process has been streamlined. The PM system does a great job of walking you through all the important patient information needed so our billing isn’t delayed. It’s so easy, I’ve even done the billing myself. 

I love that I’m able to receive a notification if a patient has been in a room for more than 15 minutes, helping me be aware of wait times. Also, our front desk can be in the note at the same time without kicking me out. Our billing process has improved significantly, because we no longer have to wait for someone to enter the bill. Once I finalize the note, the billing is done.

Prior to ModMed, I used to wait over a month for Medicare payments. Now with PM, my last Medicare batch was received back in less than two weeks. The system also has certain scrubs in place to help catch errors or missing information before it’s sent out.


I document on my iPad when I’m on the road. When I’m in the office, I like that I’m not sitting in front of my patients on a computer. I can go back to my office while the patient is checking out and finish the note then. I don’t like typing in front of a patient, because I feel like we Iose a lot of that “I want to know you as a person” connection. They are bringing their whole self and not just their feet, so not needing to type while they are talking to me is so important.

We also utilize Patient Reminders, which allows us to easily communicate via voice, email and text with patients. This functionality has contributed to a decrease in our no-show rate by 33%.


What I think sets ModMed apart from other companies I’ve worked with is the passion for what they are doing. Going to a conference and seeing Dr. John Guiliana, Medical Director for Podiatry, actively participating and interacting with customers is not something you see at other companies. 

ModMed cares that our practices are thriving and that we’re using the software to its full capacity. The team makes it a point to make sure they are doing the best for podiatry and listens to customer feedback. The fact that they talk to the front lines, the people who are using the system every day, makes a big difference.

The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Dr. Lindsay Hummel and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables.

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