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Delray Dermatology: Expanding Operations and Seeing 50% More Patients With ModMed Dermatology’s Suite


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement an all-in-one dermatology solution
  • Streamline workflows and reduce errors
  • Keep patient relationships at the forefront

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Increased cosmetic sales by 30% monthly 
  • Gained more accurate inventory management
  • Decreased no-shows, grew patient relationships
  • Scaled the practice seamlessly 

One dermatology practice used 4 separate software systems, then switched to a ModMed all-in-one solution to reduce errors and improve relationships

Francesca Lewis headshot

ModMed has empowered us to streamline processes in our office, improving metrics in patient satisfaction and employee retention and giving us the ability to see more patients per hour.

Francesca Lewis, MD, FAAD, Owner


Delray Dermatology + Cosmetic Center is a vibrant dermatology practice in Delray Beach, FL. Led by Dr. Francesca Lewis and her skilled team, the practice offers a wide range of services, including cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetician services. 

Delray’s journey of success started with the adoption of EMA® EHR from ModMed® when Dr. Lewis opened the practice in 2017. Her experience with EMA at a previous group and the system’s strong reputation in the dermatology field made it a natural choice for her new office.

The practice experienced great success with EMA, but faced challenges utilizing four separate systems from different vendors, which hindered operations and growth. The differing systems also resulted in collection errors, inventory miscalculations and inefficient workflows. As the practice grew, it became evident that the disconnected systems could no longer keep up or continue to support its growth. 

The practice chose the ModMed Dermatology suite, including Practice Management, Inventory Management and Patient Engagement tools. The advantages of an all-in-one solution would simplify training, improve operations and enhance patient care. Hear from Operations Manager Abby Birchler as she shares her experience with the software and how it has made a difference in the practice and patient relationships.

Group picture of Delray Dermatology staff


Our level of care is exceptional, with relationships at the center of our practice. Before transitioning to ModMed’s all-in-one software, my staff could only partially focus on providing this level of customer service because they were constantly switching between four different systems. This consumed a lot of their time, making it challenging to prioritize patients. I found myself stuck in the office dealing with errors and tracking down inventory while trying to manage all of the systems. 

In keeping with our high level of care, we started with a different reminder system. There were so many glitches that we felt patient reminders were not going out, and we did not know if patients were receiving them. During this time, we experienced a lot of no-shows. The numerous systems paired with the unreliable reminder system ultimately affected our providers, reducing patient load. At the time, we were unaware of the opportunities we missed.

Now, with ModMed’s all-in-one system, my staff can dedicate attention to the customer experience, and I can step out from behind the office. Having discussions and building rapport with patients is one of my favorite things, and why many of our patients love coming to this practice. We have noticed an overall decrease in no-shows, and patients can self-schedule certain appointments. 

When we used disjointed systems, we didn’t have the infrastructure to sustain our growth. Now, having an all-in-one system has streamlined workflows and increased efficiency across the board, enabling us to see 50% more patients daily. 


One aspect I truly value about ModMed is the support, which extends beyond the implementation and has followed us, even in our day-to-day operations. 

When I first joined, I was responsible for overseeing the initial implementation of the PM software, which was quite a challenge for me as a newcomer. However, ModMed was there every step of the way. We had on-site trainers who guided us through each step, observed our operations, and suggested more efficient workflows for our practice. This support has been essential in helping us adapt to the software, especially during the initial implementation phase. Years later, support is still there, with ModMed consistently showing a sincere commitment to our success. 


One of the previous systems we used was dedicated to inventory tracking. This system was challenging to navigate, and I struggled to train others on it. Now that we have Inventory Management with ModMed, it has become effortless. 

I trained my staff on reconciliation and the audit log, and now, one person is responsible for this weekly task. This has significantly simplified my job, reducing errors and lost inventory and effectively tracking cosmetic sales. So much so that not only are we up in cosmetic sales by 30% each month, but we can now incentivize our sales staff, which has always been a goal of the practice. Now, we can do that. 


Our growth, as a practice, was inevitable. However, we came to a point where we were held back by all the systems we used. Operating with four separate systems was not efficient and did not support the growth our practice needed. 

Delray Dermatology started with Dr. Francesca Lewis, and we’ve expanded by adding two more physicians, two physician assistants and considerable support staff. We have plans to grow into a larger space and eventually open another office. With ModMed, we can do that in a way that was impossible before. 

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The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Delray Dermatology + Cosmetic Center and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables.