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Metropolis Dermatology: Streamlining Workflows and Decreasing No-Shows by 80% With Klara


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Improve patient engagement
  • Digitize the patient journey
  • Streamline processes

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Improved patient communication
  • Decreased no-show rate by 80%
  • Saved hours of time per day
  • Automated and streamlined workflows

Learn how one dermatology practice saves time, improves patient communication and decreases no-shows using Klara 

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“Klara is the center of our patient communication. Having customized templates for messages and reminders saves our team hours of time daily. Our patients appreciate the convenience of the multichannel communication options they have to connect with our team.”



Metropolis Dermatology was founded in 2019 by Dr. James Wang and has grown from three to 12 providers across three locations in the Los Angeles area. The group provides medical, cosmetic and spa treatments while striving to utilize the newest and most effective technologies.

Prior to opening the doors of his new practice, Dr. Wang selected the all-in-one ModMed® Dermatology software suite. In 2021, the group added Klara®, a leader in patient communication and collaboration, in an effort to improve how it engaged with patients.

Practice Manager Allie Davis discusses the success and improvements the practice has gained with the integration of ModMed and Klara. She also shares how it’s helped digitize the patient journey and streamline workflows.

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Klara is the center of our patient communication. The majority of our patients prefer to message us via Klara from their phones or computers versus calling the office. It’s more convenient for them to respond to a text, and it allows our staff to multitask, versus being stuck on the phone all day.

Having customized templates for messages and reminders saves our team so much time. The integrated broadcast feature is my favorite because it allows us to send a mass communication in a matter of minutes. For example, our downtown location flooded last year and was not functional. We were able to send out messages to patients who were scheduled for that office letting them know it was closed. They could message us back to reschedule and/or book their appointments online right from their phones. Having that automated messaging capability was a lifesaver.

Also, some of our staff from that office who didn’t need to be patient facing were able to work remotely, because they could do the same tasks with Klara that they could in the office. It definitely provided a great avenue for us to continue to be productive and reach out to patients more conveniently.


Patients receive text or email appointment reminders along with the previsit instructions/forms via Klara automatically. If they are unable to make the appointments, Klara will send automated text asking them to rebook their visits right from their phones, and we can try to fill those available slots. On a Monday prior to using Klara, we would easily have eight to 10 no-shows. Now we are down to around two on Mondays, which is about an 80% decrease in our no-show rate.

Prior to Klara, we called all pending appointments. We are easily saving a couple hours per day having this automated. Especially now since our practice has grown, we needed a scalable solution that would not only save time but also streamline workflows and free up staff resources.


Having Klara along with ModMed’s EHR, EMA®, and Practice Management (PM) systems has helped our practice in terms of lessening overhead. There are so many functions that are automated now, so as we continue to grow, we don’t necessarily need to hire more staff. Having Klara and ModMed has helped us better support our teams, manage their workloads and better utilize their time.

Time is money, and having the all-in-one dermatology software system from ModMed along with Klara streamlines operations by having all the information we need in one place. If a patient schedules an appointment online, it will go directly into the PM system. And we receive a lot of online appointments because it’s so convenient for patients. During one week, over 34% of the online appointments scheduled via the website and text were new patients.

The appointment reminders also automatically update as patients confirm, reschedule or cancel. It’s really smooth and seamless. Just about all of the manual work is eliminated, which is more time gained to spend on patient care.

Communication between our teams has also improved. We can tag providers and various staff members on conversations that may need to be followed up. Everything is much easier to monitor now.


With the joint forces of ModMed and Klara, we feel like they have our backs. They have a great support team who is responsive and communicative. I haven’t experienced that with other companies I’ve worked with. It’s been a really positive experience all around.

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