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ModMed Innovation Center In-Person Product Demos

Visit our fully equipped practice to see how easily users navigate our intuitively designed products from wall-mounted monitors in every room.

Here Is The Full Transcription

The ModMed Innovation Center for Excellence is an immersive, role-play product demonstration that gives you a two-fold experience. 

You get to watch scenarios play out, while also seeing how easily users navigate our intuitively designed products.Get a bird’s eye view of each person’s screen from wall-mounted monitors in every room.

Our solutions engineers, many of whom have worked with ModMed in private practices, draw on personal experience to play the various roles.

See patients check in to their appointments from home…

…the front desk staff’s screen as they greet patients by name. 

… the improved communication between physicians and staff.

…providers and patients communicating face to face. Even functionalities, like speech-to-text, on the iPad screen

Want additional scenes? We can include settings for scheduling done by the surgical coordinator, billing, checkout, and setting up payment plans.

During the demo, you’re encouraged to ask questions and raise what-if scenarios that your practice faces that we can then play out in real time.

The Innovation Center is your chance to meet the dedicated Modernizers who support your success behind the scenes.