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Documenting a Follow-Up Visit With ModMed OBGYN

See how our OBGYN EHR helps you document follow-up visit in minutes, populating relevant information to reduce data entry. Watch our demo now!

Here is a full transcription of the video:

We developed our all-in-one software suite for OBGYNs, to save you time and reduce manual data entry.

With follow-up chief complaints in particular our system works to reduce pre-visit work. That’s why we designed our EHR, EMA, to pull forward the pertinent information you need to save time documenting.

In our example, our patient, Jane, is doing a follow up for postmenopausal bleeding. She was last seen on July 15, at which time she was counseled, and we ordered an ultrasound.

The ultrasound came back, and now she’s here for further evaluation and management, and we’re going to do a biopsy today.

EMA pulls together all of the information from her previous visit.  From here, I can go right into the virtual exam room. Here the system is displaying my top 25 impressions. I don’t see the one that I want, so I’m going to search for postmenopausal bleeding, and now I am going to do an endometrial biopsy.

This area in the top left shows my most popular plans. This is generated by our adaptive learning engine which prioritizes the information as it learns your preferences.

So, we’re doing the biopsy. We didn’t need a pregnancy test today because she’s post-menopausal.

This “S” on the screen means that if you make a change to the verbiage or what’s selected, that change is going to stick. But generally speaking, we simply tap on the endometrial biopsy tap, save and save again.

There’s our note, there’s our suggested charges, 9-9-2-1-3 with a 25 modifier and a 58 100 for the biopsy of the uterus lining. We created a path requisition automatically. Once the requisition is sent, it’s added to the path log and your results are retuned electronically. If there were any patient education handouts, those would be here as well.

But as you can see, it just takes just minutes to do a follow-up visit with a biopsy, including all of the documentation.

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We look forward to sharing with you all of the ways that ModMed OBGYN can help you save time and improve patient care.

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