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How ModMed Pay Helps Improve Efficiency

Listen as Practice Administrator Kallie Burgardt, of Salina Ortho, describes how Modmed Pay helps her practice speed up both the billing and the paying.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

One of the biggest things that I can tell you that has been truly impactful for Salina Ortho is our billing platform. That piece has completely changed our efficiencies and allowed us to become electronic and not living in a paper world. Modmed Pay has been really great for me as a practice administrator.

I can tell you that as soon as our payments have been posted, a text to pay will go out to the patient, and sometimes almost immediately we get our return payment from that patient. That is a great overall experience for the patient as well. Statements don't go out and sit in their drawers or on their counters for days and weeks, and then finally when they get a collection letter, they decide to pay. So we're finding that our payments are being processed quicker. And of course, that helps with overall AR.