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Recruiting, Retaining, and Re-energizing Staff

Susan Hibbs, Nicole Fick, Noah England and Dr. John Guilian


Susan Hibbs, MHSA, Affiliate KZA Consultant

Nicole Fick, Physician Engagement and Relationship Coordinator, Michigan Surgery Specialists

Noah England, MBA, CMPE, COE, Executive Director at Solinsky EyeCare


Dr. John Guiliana, Medical Director – Podiatry at ModMed

This webinar originally aired on March 29, 2022.

Retention is reaching a crisis point, so it’s high time for all practices to review and rethink their HR assumptions, policies and procedures. Solving staffing issues requires taking a 360-degree look at what you’re doing and what you’re offering, as well as what the competition in your market is doing. In today’s world, being open to more creative solutions is a necessity.


  • Which benefits to offer that may matter most to your workforce
  • Ideas for new places to consider recruiting staff
  • How training and retraining can be done more effectively
  • Tips for identifying early the candidates who are less likely to succeed
  • How working from home could work for you
  • Whether utilizing student interns actually pays off