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The Center For Pain and Spine: Successfully Opening and Scaling Up By Using ModMed® Pain Management


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Find the right software for a new practice
  • Automate tasks and streamline processes
  • Grow the new business quickly

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Gained 50% greater efficiency
  • Sped-up business growth
  • Streamlined revenue cycle 
  • Achieved greater insight into operations

Learn how an interventional pain specialist started a new solo practice with ModMed Pain Management

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“If I weren’t using ModMed, I would have to outsource many tasks, reducing my revenue and efficiency. The software is at least 50% more efficient than other systems I’ve used. That translates into less overhead and better business outcomes.”




After working for 10 years at a group practice, board-certified fellowship-trained interventional pain physician Dr. Raj Patel, ventured out to start his own practice. He launched the Center for Pain & Spine in the San Diego area in January 2023, offering various individualized treatment options, including medication management, physical therapy, and interventional procedures.

Dr. Patel knew running and growing the practice from scratch would require an intuitive and efficient software system. At first, he thought he would just go with the software he used at his previous group because it was familiar, although not ideal, then, “I was reading an article and it mentioned ModMed® being pain-specific. That’s what initially attracted me to the software,” Dr. Patel said. He shares how using ModMed Pain Management has supported practice growth, improved efficiency and sped up the revenue cycle.


Being a small startup practice nowadays, especially when you’re entirely on your own, means you need to be efficient. I can’t spend hours on end completing notes and managing all the other tasks to run an office. Compared to my previous experiences, ModMed is at least 50% more efficient. That translates into less overhead and better business outcomes.

I dictate my physical exams on an iPad with EMA®, ModMed’s EHR. I can complete a note in real time, and I don’t have to work on documentation after hours. With the built-in diagnoses and diagrams, the clinical visit flows easily. Previously, I used to work on the weekends to catch up; I’ve never had to do that with ModMed. Because I complete my notes after seeing the patient, billing is done the same day. My cash flow is steady because everything is being completed much quicker. I’ve spoken to some of my colleagues in the area who are using other systems and they’ve shared that they are not getting paid as quickly as I am.

If I weren’t using ModMed, I would have to outsource many tasks, reducing my revenue and efficiency. The Protocols are another efficient feature. I don’t have to spend hours creating templates from scratch. The basics of every pain management procedure are already built into the system and are very easy to modify.


My practice is financially viable sooner than I anticipated it would be. It’s not a matter of just staying afloat. I believe that I’ve been able to grow the practice quicker than I would have been able to with another system.

Having ModMed allows me to run a paperless practice, reducing clutter and manual processes. The Practice Management platform automates many tasks, saving my staff and me time. My front desk staff did not have any experience with the system, but they picked it up very quickly because it’s easy to use. They can check out and reschedule patients very fast. Plus our patients can schedule their own appointments online and receive automatic appointment reminders, which helps keep our schedule full.

Also, the analytics capabilities within the software make it easy to measure how many patients we’re seeing on average and provide insights into our revenue streams. I can easily track if there’s a rejection and address it quickly because most bills are sent to the clearinghouse within hours of seeing the patient.


Every once in a while, we have a question or something new pops up that we didn’t think to ask, and ModMed’s customer support addresses them quickly. With previous systems I’ve used, it was very difficult to get good customer service. The fact that we can get help quickly, either online or via a phone call, is huge. The level of service has been far better than any of the other systems I’ve used. That great support allows us to spend more time seeing patients instead of trying to figure out the answers on our own.

It’s a difficult decision to start a new EHR because the thought of switching can be daunting. For other providers considering opening their own practice or switching systems, make sure you select a platform that is going to support the success and growth of your business. For me, I would have had a much harder time starting my office from scratch if it weren’t for the features of ModMed. Now my practice is thriving, workflows are streamlined, and we’re more efficient.

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The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Dr. Raj Patel and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables.