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5 Ways Practice Management Extends EMA®

Kaitlin Mudron Solutions Engineer, ModMed


Kaitlin Mudron
Solutions Engineer, ModMed

This webinar originally aired November 17, 2022

Staffing shortages have brought about a new urgency for practices to differentiate as an employer and adopt more modern systems and technology solutions to help alleviate administrative burden.

ModMed®’s Practice Management (PM) software can give your office staff an easy-to-use hub for administrative tasks, from scheduling appointments to managing documents to creating reports. See how using PM, when connected to EMA®, can help simplify running your business and streamline operations.


  • Check insurance eligibility in minutes
  • Use robust analytics to easily create and customize reports
  • Simplify scheduling with the drag & drop appointment feature
  • Generate bills using suggested coding based on your documentation