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Empowering Efficiency With Successful Implementation

RN Practice Administrator Diane Levin describes her positive implementation with ModMed and how customer service and support set us apart.

Here is a full transcription of the video: 

My name is Diane Levin. I'm an RN Practice Administrator with New Tampa Foot and Ankle. Our experience with the ModMed implementation team was positive. They helped us set up our administrative platform, and then they stayed with us through our go-live and then our post go-live, and they assigned us a customer success manager and they've really stayed with us the whole time. 

The front office team found it seamless. The back office and the medical assistants and the providers loved the fact that now they could be mobile with the iPads.

ModMed is most definitely set apart from other companies through their customer support and service. Even now, I feel like whenever I have a problem I could go into ModMed Communities and post on the chat boards and see how other people are dealing with it. I could put in a ticket with support or there are so many resources of people that I know and have met within the community that I could just reach out to and get it taken care of without a problem. 

I can definitively say that Modmed actually is invested in each user, no matter the size of the practice. I know that they want our practice to succeed.