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Here’s how we combine GI billing specialists and gastroenterology practice management technology to help get your entire practice running more smoothly.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Experience. Leadership. Continued focus on our clients’ success – it’s at the heart of what drives our modmed gBOOST services. And the numbers speak for themselves.

From pre-encounter to post-encounter, we seamlessly combine experienced billing specialists with innovative practice management technology to help speed up your revenue cycle and get your entire practice running efficiently. We proudly help our clients earn a 98% first-pass claim acceptance rate.

And our average annual denial rate is at a low 4.3%. By combining people, processes and technology, modmed gBOOST helps manage your billing, streamline your operations, improve financial visibility and free you up to focus on what matters most—your patients.

I’m Angela Armstrong, and I am the Vice President of Operations for modmed gBOOST. I lead our gastroenterology client management and revenue cycle operations teams. Our client management team is comprised of experienced medical billing specialists and former practice managers for physician practices, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

Our modmed gBOOST team is dedicated to the financial health of all of our clients. We monitor their performance against industry benchmarks, and if a practice falls below our metrics, we work with them to develop a performance improvement plan, which is monitored by our management team to ensure that we are working on all underlying issues.

Reach out to us for a financial assessment to see how modmed gBOOST can help you reach your financial goals.