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gGastro Patient Self Scheduling | ModMed

Help reduce call volume in your office and offer patients the convenience to schedule their own appointments online with Patient Self-Scheduling.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Are you meeting patients’ expectations when it comes to appointment scheduling? We asked patients for their opinion on a variety of topics related to their personal healthcare experience, and we learned that 80% of patients place importance on being able to schedule appointments through an online portal or a digital or mobile app.

Many practices are facing staffing shortages, which may be putting pressure on front office staff to multitask and fill in the gaps. This could mean long hold times for patients. And sometimes patients simply don’t have time to call until your office has already closed. So how can you reduce the call volume for your busy staff, improve access to your office for scheduling appointments, and help boost patient satisfaction?

The built-in Patient Self-Scheduling feature in gPM, part of gGastro’s all-in-one software suite, lets your patients schedule their own appointments through the patient portal when it’s convenient for them, while helping cut back on call volume and freeing up your front office staff to focus on other tasks.

If your schedule is a bit more complicated, and you prefer to have the final say in appointment scheduling… no problem. With the patient self-scheduling feature, you can decide what types of appointments patients are able to schedule online. You could also help improve your recall rates with text message reminders for follow-up appointments. Patients receive an SMS message with a link to the patient portal for self-scheduling, giving patients flexibility and saving your staff a phone call.

Offer scheduling flexibility for your patients. Help reduce phone calls to the front office.

Improve office accessibility. And optimize operations within your workflow. Patient Self-Scheduling. It’s about time! To learn more about patient self-scheduling, visit or call us at 561.235.7505