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ModMed OBGYN’s Adaptive Learning Engine

See how our OBGYN EHR helps you document faster with an adaptive learning engine that learns your preferences over time. Watch our demo now!

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Our EHR, EMA, is the foundation of ModMed OBGYN, our all-in-one suite of solutions.

It anticipates your next move and is OBGYN-specific.

From the moment you log into Modmed OBGYN, you will see that the system is customized to obstetrics and gynecology. Not only was the system developed by OBGYNs for OBGYNs, it has an adaptive learning engine that anticipates your next move.

From the very first time you use the system, it will learn through frequency-of-use, what your most common chief complaints are.

The system tailors itself to you, so you can document quickly.

Even if your medical assistant documents the chief complaint for you, it’s easy for you to modify the note, adding information that’s specific to this patient.

I’m going to quickly dictate a note as an example:

The patient shared that they have had irregular periods since they began at 12 years of age. Period. They want to go on birth control to make their periods more regular. Period.

Now, we’ll go into the virtual exam room, which is another area where we can really see the adaptive learning engine at work.

In this example, we’ll select a comprehensive G-Y-N exam and chart by exception.

If nothing is selected, everything will default to normal.

If there are any findings, such as an anteverted uterus, or if the patient has breast implants, those findings can easily be noted.

The adaptive learning engine knows your most popular diagnoses and treatment plans and will prioritize those first.

In this case, it anticipates that you’re going to do a pap smear and HPV test, and council the patient on breast cancer screening.

The “S” with the green circle around it signifies that if you make a change to the verbiage or what’s selected, that change is going to stick, helping the system remember your preferences.

And remembering what you like to do is what our adaptive learning engine does best.

As you begin to use ModMed OBGYN, it adapts to you- little by little, helping you become incredibly efficient with the system.

Also, as you are creating your notes, EMA, the EHR component of ModMed OBGYN, is multitasking in the background.

Your note and suggested medical codes are generated, and any abnormal findings are shown in bright red. Your orders are all documented in the note and your path and clinical lab requisitions are generated along with any relevant patient education materials. Your lab orders are added to the orders log, to keep them from slipping through the cracks. The patient’s plan is not marked complete until lab results have been received and the patient has been notified.

Are you ready to experience ModMed OBGYN for yourself?

We look forward to sharing with you all of the ways that ModMed OBGYN can help you save time and improve patient care.

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