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Searching for Better All-In-One ENT Software to Save Time

Dr. Kenneth Gwinn’s Search for Better All-In-One ENT Software to Save Time. For more information visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Dr. Kenneth Gwinn. I am an otolaryngologist in private practice in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I’ve been in practice for just over 30 years. I think that there is always a a reluctance to leave the status quo because you know what you know, and you’re you’re sort of comfortable with it. But what you know may not be the best thing for the future of the practice.

My previous vendor, which initially was what I thought was an exemplary program, it basically stood still. So for 15 years. They didn’t make any improvements to the speed or the efficiency of the program. It was always a choice of getting the work done or being with your family. There wasn’t simply time for both.

And I told my wife I was a prisoner of my own practice. And so I said, we’ve got to do something. After vetting many, many different EMRs specific for ENT looked at my practice and the needs of my practice and said, “Modernizing Medicine would be the best choice.” Our profitability in our practice has only increased, and more importantly, my family time has been restored. We’re so happy to be on board with Modernizing Medicine.