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Access Eye Finds True Customer Support with a Software Switch to ModMed® Ophthalmology


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one ophthalmology software
  • Outsource billing operations
  • Build data security resilience

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Increased efficiency with an EHR, PM, and RCM solution
  • Improved billing functions and reporting
  • Experienced five-star customer service

Frustrated with ‘clunky’ software and a lack of customer support, the Virginia ophthalmology practice made the switch to ModMed.

Michele Mansouri

“We are now proud to be using the full suite of ModMed products and services. We’ve had bumps in the road and there will be situations that aren’t always easy, but the support we continue to receive from the talented team of professionals at ModMed is truly five stars.” 

‒ Michele Mansouri, Executive Director and Vice President


Access Eye is composed of two ophthalmologists, seven optometrists and one hearing instrument specialist among its five locations in the Fredericksburg, Virginia region.

In 2010, the group adopted another vendor’s practice management software followed by an EHR system that they struggled with for over 10 years. After constant doctor complaints, downtimes, add-on expenses and “the worst possible customer service you can imagine,” Access Eye decided enough was enough. They made the decision to implement EMA®, the award winning* ophthalmology EHR system from ModMed® and continued to use their previous practice management software.

Fast forward to July 2021, when Executive Director and Vice President Michele Mansouri got an urgent call from her IT department explaining they were facing a ransomware attack on their server that housed their current practice management software. Michele discusses the toll this terrifying ordeal took on the business and how ModMed supported them through this difficult time by helping them shift quickly to ModMed’s Practice Management (PM) software and Revenue Cycle Management services.

ModMed ophthalmology EHR system


Our previous EHR system was stressful and clunky. The first six months were the ‘honeymoon period,’ followed by 10 years of absolute misery. To now work in a system that we all feel is efficient and effective is such a relief. In addition to a quality product, it is wonderful to have such a dedicated team at ModMed to assist us and regularly make us feel like we’re in it together.

We discovered EMA surprisingly while traveling on vacation when my husband, Dr. Arash Mansouri, eye surgeon and medical director of Access Eye, met a dermatologist. Dr. Mansouri expressed his disdain for our previous EHR program and how patient care plummeted after moving away from paper charts. The dermatologist shared that he loved EMA and felt it had improved his professional quality of life.

After another conversation with a local doctor using EMA and a demo of the EHR’s capabilities, we switched to EMA. Our trainers were amazing. We instantly connected and anytime we faced a challenge, they were always available to help, which remains true to date.


We were using a separate PM system alongside EMA when we discovered that we were facing a ransomware attack. The attackers were demanding a hefty ransom to restore access to our server, which was the same server that hosted our previous PM system. We lost access to everything — appointments, billing, past medical records and all optical inventory.

I immediately contacted our PM vendor. After more than a decade-long relationship, their response was silence. Not only would they offer no assistance, but I also couldn’t even get them to call me back.

A day after the attack, I called ModMed to explain that I needed a new PM system. I’m sure the desperation in my voice was obvious as I asked how quickly ModMed could get us up and running. Within 24 hours, a ModMed sales manager was sitting in my office. She explained the suite of ModMed ophthalmology software options available, and we signed a contract that evening.


Piecing things back together was a daunting task. For the first time in more than 40 years of business, we needed outside billing help, so we implemented ModMed BOOST RCM.

Our client manager held our hand the entire way and made sure we were 100% comfortable and supported. She is so smart, capable and just a remarkably talented healthcare professional. In the two short months we’ve worked together, her guidance has been invaluable. I truly feel there is nothing she wouldn’t do to help us. She’s not only helped me with billing, coding, reporting and financials, but she’s also provided additional assistance with other matters.


I can’t say enough about how much of a difference the ModMed team has made in my life.

We are now proud to be using the full suite of ModMed products and services. We’ve had bumps in the road and there will be situations that aren’t always easy, but the support we continue to receive from the talented team of professionals at ModMed is truly five stars.

*2022 Black Book

Disclaimer: The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Michele Mansouri and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information.