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Dr. Andrew Rosenthal Streamlines Workflow and Office Operations With Plastic Surgery EHR and Practice Management Systems

Case Study

The Goals

  • Utilize an EHR system with built-in plastic surgery knowledge
  • Increase mobility within the office using an iPad-based EHR
  • Craft readable and comprehensive notes during the exam
  • Choose a vendor with an integrated practice management solution

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Plastic surgery electronic health record (EHR) and Practice Management systems integrate seamlessly
  • All-in-one suite helped increase efficiencies and streamline office flow
  • Cloud-based technology enables access from virtually anywhere
  • Real-time billing can decrease turnaround time for payments received

Learn how Rosenthal Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery modernized its practice.

“modmed Plastic Surgery has added clarity to our billing, streamlined our documentation and simplified our workflow. We have truly modernized the way we practice.”


Life Before modmed® Plastic Surgery

Dr. Andrew Rosenthal, a plastic surgeon with a state-of-the-art office location in Boynton Beach, Fla., had been using paper to document patient records for over 10 years followed by an attempt to implement a server-based EHR system. Dr. Rosenthal knew that a cloud EHR system was a necessity.

“After maintaining paper medical records in my private practice, I joined a multi-specialty group that was preparing to implement the EHR component of their server-based practice management system. I was asked to lead the initiative and the more I learned about this system, the more I realized it was a complete nightmare,” Dr. Rosenthal explained. “In order to make this system useful for the practice, we would need to build numerous templates from scratch, resulting in a tremendous volume of work. Given that a significant amount of money had already been invested, leadership elected to move forward with implementation. The abundant amount of effort and infrastructure required to make this system functional resulted in it never getting off the ground,” he shared.

“During this timeframe, a friend of mine was working at Modernizing Medicine and introduced me to EMA™, the company’s plastic surgery and cloud EHR system with a native iPad application. When I made the decision to return to individual practice, I decided to use EMA since it had everything I could want. In conjunction with this venture, I was offered to join the Modernizing Medicine team as the medical director for plastic surgery. I would help to engineer the product and have the luxury of using it in my practice; it couldn’t get any better than that.”

An EHR Designed for Plastic Surgery

EMA was designed for plastic surgery and Dr. Rosenthal has direct involvement in its continued development. When practicing, the detailed, in-depth medical knowledge in EMA allows him to focus on his patients while the system automatically adapts to his preferences.

“I love the fact that all of the medical content is built into the plastic surgery EHR system, so when I add a new injectable or laser procedure for our specialty, all of our users benefit from this improvement. Due to the cloud-based technology, the updates will simply appear in the software when a new version is released. In addition, EMA collects structured data, so when I tap on the 3D Interactive Anatomical Atlas™, coding is automatically suggested. ICD-10 codes are suggested along with the documentation to support it,” Dr. Rosenthal said.

“I prefer to use EMA on the iPad, however, it is convenient that there is desktop version if needed. I find the iPad provides me with mobility and allows me to engage with the patient on a level that makes them feel they have my full attention. I can access images and drawings from their chart and print educational material with just a few taps. The technology is not a hindrance to the patient encounter rather an enhancement. EMA also generates detailed, yet readable notes that instill consistency to my documentation while preserving customization.”

The Addition of a Plastic Surgery Practice Management System

Dr. Rosenthal had been using EMA for almost two years when Modernizing Medicine announced its Practice Management system. The all-in-one system for scheduling, document management, billing and reporting seamlessly integrates with EMA eliminating the need for a data bridge. In an effort to streamline office workflow and increase efficiencies, Dr. Rosenthal adopted Practice Management.

Diana Molina, Office Manager, shares, “Not only am I Dr. Rosenthal’s office manager, but I’m also his surgical coordinator and medical assistant. I’ve been in plastic surgery for over twenty years and have used seven practice management systems. Having EMA coupled with Practice Management has made my life so much easier. The billing component has made us more productive because I no longer have to search through three different systems or contact our biller with questions; the answers are readily at my fingertips. I have the ability to view charges or check the status of a claim, and I can apportion patient funds between cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.”

“The new approach to appointments is refreshing as the “Appointment Flow” featured in Practice Management allows us to view the patient schedule for the day and see when they checked in – all while working seamlessly between EMA and Practice Management. Also, if there is a day that we are short staffed, I can be in an exam room with the patient and the “Appointment Finder” allows me to schedule their next appointment. This has made our check in/out process faster and smoother.”

Dr. Rosenthal shares, “The plastic surgery EHR, EMA, and Practice Management systems have added clarity to our billing, streamlined our documentation and simplified our workflow. We have truly modernized the way we practice.”