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Salina Ortho: Saving Time and Money by Switching to ModMed Orthopedics

Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one orthopedic software
  • Decrease overhead 
  • Streamline documentation and billing

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Completed documentation during office hours
  • Eliminated paper in the office
  • Saved $100,000 removing transcription services
  • Reduced patient no-shows

Learn how one practice implemented a single orthopedic-specific platform that excels at both clinical and billing

Kallie Burgardt headshot

“Our physicians see a high volume of patients per day, and they didn’t want a new EHR to slow them down. By week 3 of using EMA, they were back to full patient volume and leaving at the end of the day with their notes done. With our previous system, they spent hours at home finishing charts.”



Salina Ortho has served the community of North Central Kansas for over 43 years and is the largest orthopedic surgery practice in its area, comprising six satellite locations, six orthopedic surgeons and four mid-level providers. The group provides on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy, X-ray and MRI services.

The practice used two EHR systems and one long-standing practice management system when leadership decided to look for a change. The billing side became antiquated, and the practice preferred a single platform. They decided to look for an all-in-one solution built specifically for orthopedics. Practice Administrator Kallie Burgardt shares why ModMed® Orthopedics had everything the practice was looking for and more.

ModMed Orthopedics, seen on browser, iPad, smartphones and Apple Watch


We used our previous billing platform for over 20 years, so when we decided to switch EHRs, the solution we would choose needed to have a strong billing component in addition to being an all-in-one platform. ModMed checked those boxes for us. Some software systems work well on the clinical side, but not on the billing side, and vice versa. EMA® and Practice Management have been the first all-in-one system we’ve experienced that is strong in both areas.

Having one system creates efficiencies and decreases overhead. Before ModMed, we had so many different products that were pieced together. ModMed allowed us to bring all of those functionalities into one, which is great for our bottom line. 

Also, our physicians see a high volume of patients per day, and they didn’t want a new EHR to slow them down. By week 3 of using EMA, they were back to full patient volume and leaving at the end of the day with their notes done. With our previous system, they spent hours at home finishing charts. 


We value that EMA was designed by orthopedic surgeons who understand our workflows. The system adapts to individual users’ preferences and gives the physicians the ability to create Protocols. For example, if providers need to administer an injection, they can create a Protocol. With one click it will populate the note while giving them the ability to edit if needed. That functionally has really improved efficiency across the board. 

With our previous system, our doctors used to dictate, and we’d send the notes out to a transcription service. With EMA, we can document efficiently without using transcription services, which saves $100,000 alone. Those are real dollars saved that affect our bottom line.

Also, prior to ModMed, our physical therapy department was 100% paper for our daily SOAP notes, patient evals, flow sheets, etc. Now it’s completely electronic with EMA, and the bills go out the next day. It is wonderful. 


The integration with Klara® has been very impactful for our employees and our patients. The increased efficiencies at the front desk have been amazing. When patients arrive, we’re ready for them much quicker, which results in shorter wait times in the lobby. 

Klara has the ability to be completely adaptive to how we want to communicate with our patients. One of the reasons why we chose Klara was for the messaging functionality. For example, patients can text us to schedule appointments, and our nurses can easily message back so the patient doesn’t have to call the office. It allows for a streamlined workflow in our office, and our patients appreciate the convenience.


ModMed Pay and the Practice Management system have completely improved our efficiencies, allowing us to become fully electronic. As soon as our payments are posted, a text-to-pay will go out to the patient, and sometimes we’ll immediately receive our return payment. 

Statements don’t go out and sit in drawers, or on counters, for days and weeks, and then finally when they get a collection letter, they decide to pay. We’re finding that our payments are being processed quicker, which helps with overall AR.


ModMed has been instrumental in helping us provide a better patient experience. Our clinical team uses iPads in the exam rooms and can easily pull up X-rays and MRIs to show patients their results. Our patients have also expressed that they appreciate having those images accessible to them right in their medical record via the Patient Portal.

The iPad also facilitates provider-patient face-to-face interaction, eliminating the need to have their back turned to look at a laptop or a screen. EMA has allowed our providers to be more hands-on and enhances the patient relationship. 

In the busy world that we live in, everyone can use an appointment reminder. We have our appointment reminders set for seven days, three days and one hour ahead of time. We’ve found that scheduled appointment reminders have been the best way to help reduce no-shows. 


The customer support team at ModMed has been great. If they don’t know the answer, they will dig in, they will reach out to their team, and they will find the answer. The support turnaround time has been amazingly fast. It’s been such a positive experience, and we are so happy with our transition to ModMed Orthopedics.

The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Kallie Burgardt and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables.

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