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A 360° View of Your Dermatology Practice

Discover how our award-winning dermatology software solution can provide you the toolkit you need to gain a 360° view of your practice. 

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Streamlined documentation, increased efficiency and enhanced performance. It’s what every dermatology practice wants their healthcare technology to help them achieve. But when inefficient bridges, multiple logins and different vendors get in the way, do you actually have the right technology tools in place? At ModMed, we offer an all-in-one, dermatology-specific tech toolkit to help eliminate those frustrations and equip your business for success.

And it all starts with your EHR system. Since it’s the software foundation of your entire practice, why not opt for the #1-rated dermatology system, EMA, to continue to build on? Designed for and by dermatologists, our EHR puts dermatology knowledge at your fingertips, helping save you time while documenting a visit. And with that extra time, you can focus on what matters most – your patients. When it comes to dermatology, having an integrated pathology module can help you go paperless and eliminate repetitive data entry.

Now that your clinical side is running smoothly, why not look to our expert business services and technology to give your practice an added boost? Called ModMed BOOST, we pair our Practice Management system with a dedicated Business Operations Services client manager who can focus on your revenue stream. Together, they can help you address the operational and financial sides of your practice so you can focus more on your patients. With Practice Management, you can centralize your medical and financial data in an all-in-one system, avoiding bridges and separate logins. Now that you have your clinical and operational facets addressed, we suggest adding our Business Operations services to your toolkit to look at your financial performance.

Designed to go beyond simply managing your billing and collections, our services can help transform your bottom line. Want to take it one step further? Our Analytics platform gives you the tools to measure practice performance. By bringing together clinical, financial and operational data with comprehensive reporting, you’ll have the ability to drill down on specific metrics and visually see where you can improve. To complete your toolkit, our all-in-one solution can capture detailed quality metric data, and provides you with a MIPS Scorecard built directly into the software. This paired with personalized MIPS coaching from our CMHP-Certified MIPS Advisors can help you with your Medicare reimbursements.

Want to further elevate the experience for your staff and patients? Our inventory management system works in tandem with our EHR to help track your supply of products and services rendered. On the topic of patients, using the right tech can help bring the whole experience together for them. Patient engagement tools can help improve staff efficiency and demonstrate your quality care and dedication to patients.

Streamlined documentation. More efficiency. Enhanced practice performance. Improved patient engagement. This is only the beginning. The ultimate dermatology tech toolkit from ModMed is ready to help you build on your current successes and take your practice to the next level. Contact us today to get started.