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Fort Wayne Dermatology: Speeding up Documentation and Reducing Scheduling Call Volume by 32% with ModMed Dermatology and Klara


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Eliminate manual processes 
  • Improve patient satisfaction 
  • Reduce phone call wait time

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Increased efficiency and automation 
  • Improved patient and provider experience 
  • Reduced scheduling call volume by 32% with Klara
  • Streamlined MIPS reporting

Learn how one dermatology group increased efficiency and rediscovered trust in software again

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“Adopting ModMed has dynamically shifted our operations by automating numerous tasks. Every area of the practice has experienced time-savings. Check-in and check-out, including our entire billing process, is faster. Our clinical staff often finish notes before the patient leaves and they are not staying after hours.”

Ann Baker, COO


Fort Wayne Dermatology Consultants offers a diverse range of dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetics services. Committed to delivering exceptional patient care, they sought software capable of supporting this. The practice faced challenges with manual processes, particularly burdening front desk staff with printing, scanning and data entry, along with heavy patient call volume, which slowed down check-in and check-out procedures. Providers often stayed after hours, manually completing notes and spending valuable time dictating referrals and patient letters.

Following a disappointing experience with a vendor that ended in a failed implementation, Ann Baker, COO of Fort Wayne Dermatology Consultants, and her colleagues considered numerous EHR systems to find the right fit. When her team discovered the all-in-one ModMed® Dermatology suite, they found reasons to trust new software again.


After facing challenges with the previous implementation, we were finally ready to explore other options. Frustrated with the previous experience, putting our trust in another company would be difficult. After initial talks with ModMed, two sales team members visited us for an in-person demonstration. This was the personal touch the decision makers needed to move forward confidently, and we adopted the whole ModMed® Dermatology suite.

Implementation was a perfect, unique mix for our teams. Our office staff did a virtual training, which was the right fit for them, considering the system is intuitive and easy to learn. We started with virtual training for our providers and clinical staff, then closed for a day of on-site training. This extra effort and training with ModMed set us up for a great go-live. We felt prepared and supported before using the new system on day one. While we did reduce schedules, everyone was up and running to full schedules four weeks after implementation and some sooner than that.


Since implementing ModMed, we have seen a significant improvement in efficiency by simplifying many of the manual workflows. The providers can customize their notes, templates and treatment plans to align with their individualized patient care approaches. With a simple point-and-click, they can generate comprehensive notes with data points, making reporting easy. This functionality allows workflow management and has helped us enhance the overall quality of documentation and reporting, ultimately benefiting both the practice and our patients. We can offer patients a summary of care after each visit, which is posted in their patient portal.

The time savings the providers have experienced since implementing ModMed have been remarkable. They can now finalize notes almost instantly, often completing them before the patient visit is over. Since many tasks are automated, they do not stay after hours to finish notes or transcribe. Although there was initially an adjustment period as they transitioned from their previous methods, once they became accustomed to the system’s flow, they found it incredibly beneficial to feel like the system is working for them.

We have seen an improvement in all areas of our practice. Adopting ModMed has dynamically shifted our operations by automating numerous tasks. With features like auto-posting, we’ve experienced improvements in our billing department, allowing us to downsize without compromising productivity. Additionally, the automation of medical records has allowed other departments to absorb those responsibilities, eliminating the need for dedicated medical records staff.


After we implemented ModMed, we were introduced to Klara. Our practice faced challenges such as managing high incoming call volume, long wait times, and a high rate of abandoned calls. Since implementing Klara, the most significant time-saving aspect has been decreasing wait times of incoming scheduling calls to our front desk staff by more than one minute per phone call.

We’ve also seen a 32% reduction in the scheduling call volume and a 58% reduction in abandoned scheduling calls. We are seeing lower wait times, fewer abandoned calls, and fewer calls in the queue, which has translated to our staff being able to provide our clients with a high level of care when they are in the office.*

Our staff’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, as they find the software much more efficient with templates, reducing repetitive tasks. Patients appreciate the convenience of messaging, and our staff does not spend time answering simple questions over the phone. Instead, they can message the patients to answer these common questions in seconds. It has overwhelmingly changed our office operations to have the ability to message with patients and manage our phone calls simultaneously.


One of my responsibilities is submitting Meaningful Use and MIPS data to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). When we started using ModMed, I thought about whether to add on the MIPS advising service. While I considered managing the process, I ultimately opted to use the advising services, particularly given it was our first year with ModMed. I am so glad I did.

Our advisor has provided invaluable guidance, enhancing my knowledge and helping me effectively prepare my staff to accurately document data. The expertise has been instrumental in advising me on data entry methods for the MIPS dashboard. Having extra support from someone more knowledgeable in MIPS is reassuring, and I am glad we added the service.

To learn more about the products Ann Baker discussed, please request a demo at or call 561.235.7501

The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Ann Baker and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage, and other variables.

*The data and percentages herein are based on a comparison of scheduling calls at Fort Wayne Dermatology Consultants over five weeks before and after implementation of Klara.