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Give Your Practice a BOOST

Practice Manager Danielle Orren discusses ModMed BOOST and the financial insights she gains from it.

Here is a full transcript of the video:

My practice started out only using EMA. We were a small practice, and we really needed an EHR. We'd heard really good things about EMA. Then we got introduced to the RCM system and really hands down, it is the streamlining process. So it reduces the steps that my staff have to take. It allows the front staff and the back staff to communicate with each other from opposite ends of the building. It really gives an overall picture of that patient's experience from walk-in to checkout and allows us to communicate better as a practice.  

ModMed BOOST has been an incredible resource to our company. We started out with two billing staff members, and they were doing a lot of things independently. And BOOST has really stepped in. And the options that we have, the knowledge that we've gained. We've been able to run reports that we did not know existed. We have a better overall view of what our company looks like, our financials, our AR. We actually meet with our BOOST team, and that's going to be every month. And so we review what our numbers look like, what's in our buckets. Also, what are they working on. So that's another fabulous benefit, is that you not only get BOOST, but you get the resource team to help you. They’re behind the scenes working on things, and that really allows our practice like I said, we run a large medical practice and to only retain two billers and maximally get done what we need to get done.