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More Options for Patients With ModMed® Pay

Practice Manager Danielle Orren explains the positive impact and reduction of errors in billing since implementing ModMed Pay.

Here is a Full Transcript of the Video:

Before we had ModMed Pay, we were collecting using a third-party system. So our front desk team members would take the payment with that third-party system, and then they would enter it into EMA.

Because we are growing and becoming so large, we were training rapidly and we were finding there were a lot of mistakes with payments. So patient payments were being taken and not entered into EMA. 

So really what excited me about that was the reduced steps that the staff would have to take and the minimize errors. 

Once we implemented ModMed Pay,  it was an easy process. We had a support team from ModMed Pay help us get started, and we immediately got positive feedback. Even the staff were relieved. Less room for mistakes, less steps, especially when you're checking in such a high volume of patients during the day to minimize their workload. 

A lot of our patients, when we onboarded ModMed Pay, they really liked the card save option. I was really surprised with that. I didn't know if people would be hesitant, but they loved that option. They don't have to get their card out every time they can save it on file. 

Before we had to have the team member manually enter that. Now we have our own little card terminals. So I think overall it's a really easy process. We are using the kiosk function, so a lot of patients can pay their copay right there on the kiosk, which is really nice. Again, that reduces the workload for the front desk staff. So lots of options to pay. I think our patients really like that.