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ModMed® OBGYN: It’s About You, It’s About Time

See how our OBGYN EHR software is going to to bring you into the future, and help you recover time you may have been losing in the past. Request a demo today!

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Imagine the practice of the future. A practice where, after you’ve seen your last patient, all of your charting is complete. Prescriptions have been filled, results reviewed, and claims have been processed. All you have left is time.

Time to focus on the patients that need it. More time to focus on your family, and time to focus on keeping yourself at the top of your game personally and professionally. ModMed OBGYN is the evolution of healthcare you’ve been waiting for.

Welcome to your personal time machine. Not only are we going to bring you into the future, we want to help you recover time you may have been losing in the past.

Because our EHR was built from the ground up by board-certified OBGYNs who truly understand your needs. We’ve built a solution where the technology works for you and your patients, not the other way around.

That’s why we don’t call it an electronic medical record. We call it an electronic medical assistant or EMA. It’s adaptive technology that extends your clinical skills so that it feels as natural and intuitive to use as any other medical instrument you’ve mastered.

ModMed OBGYN is the culmination of over ten years experience in providing specialty-specific solutions that ranked number one in nine medical and surgical specialties by Black Book Research.

At ModMed, we understand that good patient care starts with good patient engagement, so we’ve designed a solution that helps you achieve that from check-in to checkout.

ModMed Kiosk, Patient Portal and the PocketPatient app were designed to help your patients connect with you, request appointments, submit any necessary forms, and transfer any important records. No phone calls or fax machines needed.

Past medical history and current concerns can be recorded and reviewed before your patients even step into the exam room — saving both you and your patients valuable time and spending less time getting from your waiting room to the exam room.

And with EMA for iPad, you can document in real time in the exam room, at the point of care, like you were trained to do — not at your desk at the end of the day, when you’re struggling to remember what you did, or decipher notes you may have written down somewhere.

Finally, with the medical profession moving to value-based care, we believe that value starts when you spend time with your patients, not with your software.

Our EHR helps you capture and record the work that you’ve already done — assessing, counseling and treating your patients, and helps you demonstrate the value of your care to your payers. EMA includes clinical guidelines integrated into the workflows and suggested coding based on your documentation, helping you provide your best care faster, because that’s what it’s all about.

It’s about you. It’s about your patients. It’s about time. We can’t wait to introduce you to the all-in-one OBGYN software you’ve been waiting for. Visit ModMed Dot Com, Slash OBGYN for more information.