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Klara® Changes Patient Communication

Listen as Practice Administrator Kallie Burgardt, of Salina Ortho, describes how Klara enables more texting and less phoning for a smoother office workflow.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Our efficiencies at the front desk have been amazing with the use of Klara. Our patients can come in, and we’re ready much quicker. So less wait times in the lobby, and then just the overall entire workflow, allowing everything to be streamlined and of course, much less paper.

One of the reasons why we chose Klara was for the texting piece. The world that we live in, everybody wants to text. They don't want to pick up the phone and talk. My nurses, they can get right in and text a patient back. A patient doesn't have to call in to schedule. They can just text us. It allows a great workflow in our office.

We utilize Patient Reminders. We have them set for seven days and three days and one hour ahead of time. In the world that we live, this busy workday, everybody needs a reminder. And I'll tell you that if you have an issue with patients not coming to their appointments, reminders are the best way. Klara has the ability to really be completely adaptive on how you really want your reminders set up for your office.