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Practice Management Software Streamlines Processes

Learn how one plastic surgeon implements practice management software to help his practice run smoother

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Daniel Ward and I’m a facial plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have three medical spas in addition to my practice, as well as a surgery center. I really feel that Modernizing Medicine is working towards trying to simplify the process and make it streamlined and easy for us so that when we have a new staff member start, it’s not overwhelming learning 15 different systems with 30 different logins.

In terms of the practice management aspect, I think tying that into the clinical system is obviously a very powerful part. First of all, this makes it smooth and easy. Knowing this patient has a balance and training our reception staff to ask about that really makes a big difference. We want to collect any revenue that’s due while the patient is there rather than sending out a bill. That’s a very simple example of how it streamlines the process.

The scheduling is very useful. It’s useful to be able to have different providers, so it’s not all on my schedule. I used to have an EMR system where it listed it out, but everybody was on my schedule. I couldn’t parse it out to like, this actually is a follow-up visit on our PA’s schedule or follow-up visit on an MA’s schedule. Now we can identify who it is and also by location. So being able to do those sorts of things and then having everything in one spot is very easy in terms of, I can look at patient attachments from outside records as well as my notes as well as photos. Just makes it really simple.