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All-in-One Gastroenterology Software for All Care Settings

Administrator Barbara Snow, of Arkansas Gastroenterology, discusses the benefits of EHR focused on GI — many little time savers that add up to big productivity.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Barbara Snow. I am the administrator for Arkansas Gastroenterology in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Our practice is currently seven gastroenterologists and we have one nurse practitioner. We do procedures at two different surgery centers. And the hospital.

We selected ModMed back in the day when it was gMed because it was strictly for gastroenterology. We had dealt with a couple of other EMRs prior to that were not specific to gastro. And I think they were kind of new to the EMR business because we could not do prescriptions from them. We could not send out reminders to patients from them. There's a lot of extra little things that come with ModMed that we appreciate.

When we first started Mod Med, it was just for the office visit. And then when we put it into the surgery centers, it just made life 100% better. There is nothing, nothing that can replace an EMR that's in your specialty. Nothing. It is night and day difference. And if you look at all of the things that gGastro offers you because you're gastroenterologists, it makes it so much better than, having to go through a family practice or obgyn or anything. It is strictly gastroenterology. That was a world of difference for us.