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All-In-One Podiatry Software

RN Practice Administrator Diane Levin shares how using Patient Engagement tools like Patient Reminders add convenience and help reduce no-shows.

Here is a full transcription of the video: 

I love having an all-in-one solution using EMA and the Practice Management. And to be honest, I can't see doing it any other way. Some of the benefits our practice has seen as a result of using the practice management side, are many actually. The scheduler, I will say, has been the best to format of all of the EHRs I’ve personally used. I have just recently added on another doctor. So I have been able to format two different schedules for each physician and I haven't had to jump through 50,000 hoops to do that, which has been lovely. 

If I teach my front office team to scan their insurance card and their driver's license into the attachments, my back office can see all of the patient attachments that we scanned on the PM side on their iPads in EMAIt's those little things, and it may not sound important to some, but it's actually a big deal because the insurance is what does dictate what the patient might owe or not owe. The patient engagement tools have been received quite well in our office. 

We've really needed to make sure that we maximize getting all of those patients in the door, get those appointments confirmed, and utilize all of our appointment time slots. If someone can't make it and we need to cancel it out, then we can utilize the waitlist that's built into PM and then get somebody in off of the waitlist, which has been amazing. But the patients are also loving it. 

If the patient wants me to change their reminder, or perhaps they've indicated that they've gotten too many calls or they didn't want to get that text, any number of things they might complain about, any one of the staff members up front or in the back can log in and just change it with the click of a button and save it. So it's been really user-friendly.