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An EHR On The Go

RN Practice Administrator Diane Levin shares insights on the ease of taking pictures for charts and scanning documents.

Here is a full transcription of the video: 

EMA has provided a lot of benefits. Our office happens to use the iPad version of it in the back office, which I love because my staff can take pictures of the patients for their charts. They can take pictures of wounds, they can take pictures of any aspect of the chief complaint. If I'm auditing a chart and I have a picture to go along with it, with whatever the doctor or the medical assistant has written and typed into that chart, it's golden.

What I'm the most excited about is, are we doing what we need to do for our patients, what's right for them, and we're doing it in a way that is protecting our providers as well. So that if I'm taking a picture of something that's wrong with my patient and the patient's requesting their note, then they're happy, the doctor's happy and we've got our all of our bases covered.