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Creating Customer Delight During Implementation

Listen as Practice Administrator Kallie Burgardt, of Salina Ortho, describes how smoothly ModMed training and implementation went, even with satellite clinics.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Kallie Burgardt. I am the practice administrator for Salina Ortho in Salina, Kansas. We have multiple satellite clinics. We also have a physical therapy department. We also have an MRI department. And we have six surgeons and three mid-level providers.

So prior to our Go Live process with ModMed®, we actually did online training and then the week prior to our Go Live, we had a lady come on site with ModMed for about two days, and it gave us the opportunity to really look at our workflows and just work through some of our issues or concerns that we may have had during the week of Go Live. Which we didn't experience. We had onsite staff with ModMed our Go Live week and it was great. No hiccups. 

Since implementation our customer support team at ModMed has been amazing. If they don't know the answer, they will dig in, they will reach out to their team, and they will find the answer. So the turnaround time with questions are amazing, and we've had zero concerns with support. And I feel very confident that ModMed will continue to support us throughout our entire journey